Copyright arrangements

Images for the Future wants to sufficiently collect and record intellectual property rights information, so that a lack in copyright information does not become an obstruction in disclosing and exploiting the material. The project aims to clear as much content as possible, by closing window agreements with copyright holders or their representatives. Content that has spent years collecting dust will again be released into the market. For copyrights this means the project has to think deeply about the conditions under which content should become available after digitization.

The main starting ground is copyright holders themselves being convinced of the positive effects the disclosure of cultural heritage can bring about. By coming up with innovative ways to implement the imagery, valuable films, videos, and photos will be given a new life (or many new lives). In the end, this will benefit everyone.

Images for the Future is actively looking for suitable license models with which the maker can be rewarded for his work, while the user can utilize the content in the best possible way. In doing so, the project explicitly looks into the possibility of working with the easily accessible and useable licensing model of Creative Commons.

Various activities surround intellectual property rights are:

  • Clearing the rights.
  • Conducting intellectual property rights research (click here for more information).
  • Forming a board of experts.
  • Debating the issues surrounding intellectual property rights at the Dutch Film Festival.
  • Activities surrounding the identification of copyright holders and setting up agreements for exploitation.
  • Establish an iCommons Node on ‘Preserving audiovisual Cultural heritage'.