60 Years of TV timeline

Images for the Future

Online timeline provides a clear overview of 60 years of TV in the Netherlands. For this 60th anniversary, the project Images for the Future has collected highlights from the collections of the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision, the Dutch National Archives and the EYE Film Institute Netherlands on www.tv60jaar.nl (UPDATE: website is offline, watch the timeline here). The highlights range from the very first news broadcast from 1956 and the coronation of Queen Juliana, to video clips and photographs from Johnny & Rijk, the Rudi Carrell Show and Sonja Barend. The timeline was launched on Friday 23 September in a marathon radio and TV broadcast on Radio 5 and Nederland 1, during which the TV canon was also announced. Following the launch, the timeline is available for anyone who wants to easily embed it on their own website.

The timeline does not pretend to provide a complete picture, but rather an overview of the development of Dutch television through the years. All genres are included, from current affairs and sport, to drama and entertainment. The timeline will contain over 140 video clips and around 1000 photographs. Besides portraits of well-known TV personalities, the timeline will show many photos of TV sets.

All the material on TV60jaar.nl is provided with background information and contains links to the Sound and Vision Wiki. The material (text and photos) on the wiki is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike-license and may be reused under these conditions.

TV60jaar.nl was put together by Stichting Nederland Kennisland, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, the Dutch National Archives and the EYE Film Institute Netherlands within the framework of the Images for the Future project. Through conservation and digitisation this project is preventing a significant amount of the audiovisual heritage of the Netherlands from being lost. The digitised material will be made as accessible as possible to educational institutions and the general public. TV60jaar.nl is just one of many examples.