Celluloid Remix 2: Found Footage

Celluloid Remix 2: Found Footage

Celluloid Remix 2: Found Footage

by Beelden voor de toekomst

On 26 January 2012 EYE Film Institute Netherlands and Knowledgeland launch Celluloid Remix 2: Found Footage. This is the second edition of the successful video-remix competition containing historical fragments from EYE's film collection. Professionals and amateurs remix special film material from the Bits & Pieces collection into new short films with an individual soundtrack. The deadline for submissions of new remixes is 25 April 2012. The winners, chosen by a professional jury, will be presented at EYE's new location in May. Celluloid Remix 2 is realised as part of the Images for the Future project.

Bits & Pieces
Forty-three film fragments have been selected for the remix competition from EYE's unique collection, Bits & Pieces. Bits & Pieces are short fragments, snippets from films that are often forgotten or have disappeared. Quite often these ‘remnants’ are discarded from the archives. EYE on the other hand retains them and has been collecting them for twenty years now. Thanks to Images for the Future this collection has now been digitised. In addition, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision made audio material available.

Two levels
This edition of Celluloid Remix is open to everyone. Just as in the first edition, experienced remixers can download the available film fragments themselves and remix them with their own software. Additionally, an online mixer is available: a clever gadget that enables you to remix in just a few of clicks, directly online. Which means that the less experienced participants can also compete for prizes.

Inspiration from Habbekrats
Victor Ponten, co-owner of creative agency Habbekrats and director of the film Rabat, did the kick-off for Celluloid Remix 2, being the first to make a remix. His approach gives an insight into the possibilities of working with historical film clips and serves as an inspiration to all participants. Moreover, Ponten is an ambassador for Celluloid Remix 2 and chairman of the jury. His remix, titled How the World Changed, can be seen at www.celluloidremix.nl.

Submission and jury
The deadline for submissions of new remixes is 25 April 2012. All submissions fall under a Creative Commons license, and will be available at www.celluloidremix.nl. Submissions will be judged by a professional jury consisting of, among others, Victor Ponten and Ernst-Jan Pfauth (blogger and columnist at nrc.next). The winning remixes will be presented during the Celluloid Remix 2 finale in EYE in May 2012.

For all information and details on taking part please visit www.celluloidremix.nl. You can also keep in touch through the Celluloid Remix Facebook page Celluloid Remix Facebook-page.

This edition is being organised as part of Images for the Future. Images for the Future digitises the audiovisual heritage of the Netherlands in order to rescue, preserve and make it available for the general public, education and the creative industries. The technical basis of Celluloid Remix 2 is the open media platform, Open Images, an initiative of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in collaboration with Knowledgeland. The first edition of Celluloid Remix took place in 2009, and was won by Jata Haan with Movement