ED*IT Education platform

ED*IT Education platform

by Sound and Vision

ED*IT is an interactive education platform. It enables access to a wealth of reliable sources from Dutch museums and archives, including the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision, Nationaal Archief, the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, the National Museum of Ethnology, Anno, Naturalis National Museum of Natural History, Kennislink and EYE Film Institute Netherlands. 

Teachers, lecturers and students can access excerpts from TV programmes, film and sound clips, articles and photographs and then work online to create montages, digital lessons, timelines, dossiers and presentations. They can also add their own materials.


ED*IT impressie video from ED*IT on Vimeo.

The ED*IT editorial team, staffed by SchoolTV, places the sources in context and prepares materials for immediate use in the classroom.

ED*IT is responsible, reliable, future-proof, easily accessible and fun.

ED*IT comes in two different forms: ED*IT BASIS is especially suitable for primary education and ED*IT EXTRA is designed for secondary education and intermediate vocational education.

  • Thousands of television, film and sound excerpts, articles and photographs are available online 
  • Sources have been specially selected and placed in context for use in education
  • Videos and photographs can be conveniently uploaded and combined with ED*IT sources
  • Users can create their own montages, presentations, dossiers, lessons and timelines
  • Suitable for immediate use, the sources are directly linked to key objectives and final attainment targets
  • Ready-made digital lessons
  • Ideal for use on the electronic blackboard