Film in the Netherlands

Beelden voor de toekomst

With its new website Film in Nederland, EYE Film Institute Netherland brings early Dutch film to life. This site contains the remarkable stories of around 2300 old films. Most of the films which have been preserved can be watched free of charge. The site is just one of the results of the large-scale digitisation project Images for the Future.

At present the site covers the period 1896 to 1923, starting from the introduction of film in the Netherlands. The site will gradually be supplemented with the further history of film, including experimental films, cartoons and films from and about the Dutch East Indies. Taken together these should provide a complete picture of Dutch film and cinema culture.

An estimated 500 films from before 1923 have been preserved. More than half of these can be seen on Film in Nederland, and clips from another 50 or so films are also available. Having viewed these, you can click through to the video-on-demand site to see the complete film.

The site contains a timeline with the most important moments in Dutch film history, such as the showing of the first Dutch film Gestoorde hengelaar ("the mad angler”) in 1896. The section ‘Wie is...’ (‘Who is…’) contains short films in which forgotten pioneers are brought to life once more. Besides this, thematic texts and an extensive database provide access to the films, the credits and information about individuals and film companies.