Microsoft surface table

An, especially for this occasion built, version of Mapit1418 for Microsoft's surface table.


During Dutch History Week (Week van de Geschiedenis), held from 17 to 25 October 2009, Kennisland (Knowledgeland) and the Nationaal Archief launched the website MapIt1418. offers access to a fascinating selection of photographs from the First World War held in the Nationaal Archief. The website focuses especially on wartime photographs from the Netherlands, many of them on display for the very first time.

In many cases, the location in which the photographs were taken is unknown. However, the initiators of Mapit1418 have used crowdsourcing in order to identify the exact geographic locations for many of the photographs. Visitors to the website assisted in this process by highlighting on a map where they thought the location was. The project used the Open Street Map, the open source alternative for such resources as Google Maps. In addition, some visitors also added their own modern-day photographs of the same locations. The result is a fascinating comparison of then and now.

The public launch of the website took place during the Night of History (Nacht van de Geschiedenis), the festive culmination of History Week, held on 24 October 2009. Especially for the event, Kennisland and the Nationaal Archief joined forces with Geodan to create a unique extension to the website: a game on Microsoft’s Surface Table, in which visitors can explore the collection together and find out more about the various locations.

Mapit1418 is an initiative of the Nationaal Archief and Kennisland, developed as part of the Images for the Future project.