New future for Dutch TV talkshow Barend & Van Dorp

Barend en Van Dorp online

More than 1000 hours of material from this controversial TV talk show now available online.

by-nd Barend en van Dorp

In 2008, Dutch TV talk show hosts Frits Barend and Henk van Dorp wheeled a trolley laden with every single episode of their celebrated programme into the Sound and Vision building. Frits Barend and Henk van Dorp stipulated that they not only wanted the material to be properly preserved, but more importantly that it should be made widely available. In response, Sound and Vision included more than 1000 hours of this unique material in a virtual showcase at on 17 September.

But the website is more than just a superb showcase that prevents these materials from disappearing from the collective audiovisual memory. Anyone who wishes to re-use the material professionally can now find and order it easily. is therefore a perfect example of how making content publicly available need not necessarily conflict with commercial interests. 

Images for the Future is not only about preserving and digitising, but also about making audiovisual material available to and usable by a range of different target groups. The cultural and historical value of the materials is high, but which business model is most appropriate for it?

The launch was a truly special occasion: Barend and Van Dorp agreed to take part in a one-off comeback. In the familiar show backdrop, they will engage in discussion with former broadcasting and editorial team colleagues and others about this project and the benefits it can offer.

Read more on this website's business model on (only in Dutch).