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Everyone is welcome to contribute material to the platform. For instance institutions that manage collections.

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On 24 September 2009, Sound and Vision joined forces with Kennisland (Knowledgeland) to launch Open Beelden, an open media platform offering access to a selection of archive materials for creative use. Users are permitted to remix fragments from these audio collections in order to create new works. They can then add this new material to the platform, further expanding the image database. In addition, Open Beelden also makes it possible to create links with other information sources, such as Wikipedia.

Creative Commons
Access to the materials on Open Beelden is based on the Creative Commons licence model. Creative Commons offers authors, artists, scientists and educationalists the freedom to adopt a flexible approach to their copyright and to make their works available to other people as they see fit. For example, they can choose not to reserve all their rights (as is the case with traditional copyright) but to select the rights that they wish to reserve.

This open approach is also incorporated into the platform’s technology through the use of open formats, standards and software components. As a result, any software developed as part of Open Beelden is also available as open source software.

In addition to the option of remixing archive images, Open Beelden also makes it possible to link with other information sources. As part of Open Beelden, dozens of Polygoon newsreel clips have already been added to the categories in the Dutch language version of Wikipedia. For example on the page about the Dutch town of Almere, the descriptive text about the history of the city also features an audiovisual illustration about its earliest inhabitants. In alliance with Wikimedia Nederland, investigations are currently underway to find out how Open Beelden can follow up on this experiment by providing a permanent audiovisual enhancement to Wikipedia.

Open Beelden is an initiative of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in alliance with the Stichting Nederland Kennisland (Knowledgeland). Open Beelden includes more than 200 Polygoon clips from the Sound and Vision archive. The collection of reusable materials is set to increase significantly in the coming years as new works are uploaded on a weekly basis.

Everyone is welcome to contribute material to the platform. Of course, this includes institutions that manage and produce collections but also new material produced by creatives based on existing resources on Open Beelden. Open Beelden was developed as part of the Images for the Future project, which is designed to enable the digitisation of and wide-scale access to the Netherlands’ cultural heritage.