Release Twee Vrouwen (Twice a Woman)

Film ‘Twee Vrouwen’ (‘Twice a woman’) restored and digitized

Film ‘Twee Vrouwen’ (‘Twice a woman’) restored and digitized

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The first movie EYE has restored, digitised and made available is Twice a Woman of director George Sluizer (The Vanishing). After consulting the director, a definitive version was determined. The high quality end result can be viewed in theatres and bought on DVD.

The film
The film “Twice a woman” directed by George Sluizer (Spoorloos/The Vanishing) is based upon the book “Twee Vrouwen” by Harry Mulisch, published in 1975. Twee Vrouwen (Twice a Woman) is the English film version of the story about a strained lesbian affair in Amsterdam. For the leading parts Sluizer managed to assemble an international cast of stars that included the likes of Anthony Perkins (Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock) and Bibi Andersson (Wild Strawberries by Ingmar Bergman). It wasn’t easy to find an actress for the leading part. In those days playing the part of a lesbian – especially abroad – was considered to be very controversial. The film gave food for quite a bit of thought and its theme continues to be of interest to this day.

For this new digital version of Twice a Woman, the only two original negatives were scanned. Damages and flaws were digitally removed. The results cannot be compared to the results of photochemical restoration: cables, scratches and stains have been digitally ‘wiped out’ and the colors have been revived. Ultimately a definite version of the film was composed in consultation with George Sluizer. This completely re-edited and digitally restored version served as the foundation for the new display copy and the DVD.