The Scene Machine Live

by-sa Images for the Future

The Scene Machine Live (TSML) is an interactive installation that presents the public with an accessible way into the film collection of the EYE Film Institute Netherlands. The ‘machine’ contains over a thousand intriguing Dutch film clips from the EYE collection: in colour and black and white, encompassing fiction and non fiction.

TSML allows users to access unique film clips in a simple and intuitive way. Users can choose from a number of pre-arranged themes or put together their own theme by making a selection from more than 200 key words including “love”, “bicycle”, “music”, “night” and “sorrow”. The TSML’s clever technology makes it possible to play different clips alongside each other and gives rise to all kinds of surprising connections between the images. TSML is based on the website, which gives visitors the added possibility to save their chosen themes online. This site will be online from the end of November. Many of the films included in The Scene Machine have been made digitally available thanks to the project Beelden voor de Toekomst (Images for the Future).

At the Digital Heritage conference, EYE and Kennisland (Knowledgeland) used a case study to demonstrate how TSML can be used as an educational application for promoting media savvy among a broad target audience. In the framework of lifelong learning (leven lang leren), older people and youngsters got to grips with the installation together, sharing their knowledge and experiences along the way. This teaches older people how to use new media based on the material that interests them, while the playful approach makes the film collection more appealing to youngsters. As the introduction to the parallel “Media Savvy” session indicates, “new techniques are becoming an increasingly important factor in reaching your target audiences”. TSML hopes to inspire other heritage institutions to find creative ways in which to make their archived material available for new target audiences. We are eager to share the experience we have gained as heritage institutions in developing such a technologically innovative system as TSML.