T_Visionarium OPEN CITY

3D installation

A spectacular installation where visitors experience audiovisual heritage in a 3D space.


At the 2009 International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision launched T_Visionarium OPEN CITY, a panoramic experience featuring audiovisual material from the Sound and Vision collections digitised as part of the Images for the Future project.

T_Visionarium OPEN CITY is a spectacular installation in which visitors can navigate through the audiovisual archive in a three-dimensional space and create their own temporary montage or remix. The installation deploys groundbreaking visualisation technology developed by the Australian research centre iCinema, which made its very first appearance in the Netherlands as part of this project.

T_Visionarium OPEN CITY was part of a series of activities in the cross-media project ‘Eeuw van de Stad - how the world is becoming a city’ (), presented by Dutch broadcaster VPRO in alliance with the Rotterdam International Architecture Biennial.

Between 5 November 2009 and 22 November 2009, the installation was seen by more than 9500 visitors.

T_Visionarium OPEN CITY was developed in alliance with the VPRO, the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) and the Rotterdam International Architecture Biennial (IABR)

T_Visionarium OPEN CITY was made possible thanks to financial support from the Mondriaan Foundation, the Amsterdam Art Fund and the Media Fund for Dutch Cultural Media Production.