(Dutch elections retrospective)

Joop den Uyl

Press conference following the failure of cabinet formation (1981). A smiling Joop den Uyl.

by Nationaal Archief

On 25 May, Images for the Future launched its new website,, a retrospective examining 27 post-war Dutch cabinets. The website includes extensive features on the high and low points, the victories and defeats and the nightly election debates. puts recent events in the context of the past. Find out how what happened in the past continues to shape current events. is a website with an interactive timeline featuring historic audiovisual materials on the 27 post-war Dutch cabinets. Many Dutch people and others will no doubt recall the Night of Schmelzer and the Night of Wiegel, both of which led to the fall of the government, the various scenes featuring newly-appointed ministers on the steps of the Soestdijk Palace and the aftermath of the murder of Pim Fortuyn. All of these decisive moments, and many more, can be seen at 

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and Nationaal Archief/Spaarnestad Photo selected countless videos and photographs from their collections for There is also material from the collection of Polygoon cinema newsreels, NOS news broadcasts, the ANEFO press photography collection and current affairs TV programmes including Barend & Van Dorp. The website also uses sources such as the collection of political party and election posters  from the Dutch Political Parties Documentation Centre (DNPP) and the national government’s video collection. remains online until 1 October 2010.

Many of the videos featured on include a link to the open video platform Open Beelden. These videos have a Creative Commons licence and can therefore be downloaded and used in their entirety.

The items have been digitised as part of the Images for the Future project.