Heritage sector innovator network at Museums and the Web

The innovative capacity of the heritage sector is ripe for cultivation, but there is often not enough scope for, or priority given to, innovation in the relevant organisations. Support, budgetary capacity and time for employees to develop a useful digital innovation strategy are also lacking. As a result, many new ideas, opportunities and plans simply come to nothing.

In order to clear this obstacle, we have established the Innovators Netwerk Erfgoedsector (the heritage sector innovator network). During the past twelve months, the network has grown to include fifty innovative heritage professionals from the world of museums, heritage, archives and libraries. The network organises informal monthly meetings based around different themes, such as working together with 1.0 colleagues, your organisation as a place of research and crowdsourcing.

The network has written the paper entitled ‘Why invent the wheel over and over again? How an offline platform stimulates online innovation', which will be presented at the fifteenth edition of the Museums and the Web conference in Philadelphia in early April. Museums and the Web is a major annual conference that examines social, cultural, design, technological, economic and organisational questions in relation to digital heritage.