1000 hours of Barend & Van Dorp online

In 2008 Holland’s most renowned talkshow hosts Frits Barend and Henk van Dorp drove a trolley filled with all the episodes of their famous talkshow into the Sound and Vision building. As of September 17 Sound and Vision will put over 1000 hours of this unique material on display in their virtual showroom. Not only to let everyone in Holland enjoy it again, but also to be able to sell it.

The cultural historical value of the material is large enough: the entire Netherlands has sat at that table – but how can you make money with it? And through which channel? About these and other questions Harry Verwayen (Knowledgeland) and Thomàsz Lin (Sound and Vision) organized a workshop on June 23 with the theme ‘businessmodel-innovation’ during the annual Mediapark congress.

Barend & Van Dorp
This session also marked the kick off for the development of the website that will go live on September 17. This website serves as a ‘showroom’ providing in low resolution material and an elaborate search function with which also professional visitors (editors of talkshows for example) can easily retrieve and review fragments. Apart from that, the added value lies within the extra contextual information that is being offered which gives additional meaning to the material. If you want to obtain a fragment in high resolution or on DVD, than you pay for that through Sound and Vision. Via the low res showroom Sound and Vision endeavors to stimulate the sale of hi res fragments. Another possibility is offering extra, paid services such as the storage of favorite fragments or the collaboration with schools.

One-time comeback
The launch will be an exceptional moment: Barend and Van Dorp are willing to organize a one-time ‘comeback’: in the setting of a B&VD-episode they will interview (former) broadcasting company-colleagues and editors (amongst others) about this project and its added value. Apart from that, the brand-new website will play an important role in this ‘broadcast’.

Sound and Vision digitizes the collection Barend & Van Dorp and realizes the website within the framework of Images for the Future.

For more information and in order to keep up with the latest developments on the website and its launch go to:
www.beeldengeluid.nl/barendenvandorp (Dutch)