Images for the Future partner in Open Cultural Data

In 2012, the digitisation project Images for the Future is partnering Open Cultuur Data (Open Cultural Data or OCD), a network that facilitates open access to cultural data and stimulates the development of value-added cultural applications. In the previous six months the network has opened access to eight datasets of leading cultural institutes, such as the Rijksmuseum and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. This resulted in thirteen applications being developed and three national awards being won.

Open access, cultural awards and hackathons
Images for the Future supports the Open Cultural Data network by providing access to as many available open datasets in the project as possible, making special cultural awards available and by jointly organising hackathons. A hackathon is an event in which new digital applications are developed by programmers, designers, students and innovators. These hackathons will be organised in May and October of this year by Hack the Government (Hack de Overheid). This is a network whose objective is to make open government data more freely available. The partnership provides the network the opportunity to gain and share knowledge and experience on the practical aspects of open cultural data.

Initial success
Open Cultural Data, an initiative of the Heritage Sector Innovator Network (Innovators Netwerk Erfgoedsector) and Hack the Government (Hack de overheid), recently achieved its first successes. As a result of the contribution of datasets by, among others, Images for the Future partners (the EYE Film Institute Netherlands, the Nationaal Archief and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision), thirteen applications have been created within the framework Apps for the Netherlands (Apps voor Nederland). The Open Cultural Data app, Vistory, which utilises data from the Open Images platform developed by the Institute for Sound and Vision and Knowledgeland, won Gold in the app competition. In the Education category, (ab-c media) and ConnectedCollection (Cit) won incentive awards.

Take part!

In 2012, Open Cultural Data will endeavour to open more cultural datasets and develop more innovative applications. Would you like to provide open cultural datasets? Present an award? Organise a hackathon or require (legal) advise with opening cultural data? Or do you have other ideas concerning open data and culture?

OCD is looking for partners so that it can realise its activities in 2012. Please contact Nikki Timmermans ( for more information.

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