National Archives & Spaarnestad Photo join Wikipedia!

On 13 September 2010 the National Archives and Spaarnestad Photo will donate more than 1,000 photos to Wikimedia Netherlands, part of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopaedia in the world and is, moreover, entirely written and maintained by users. There is a substantial demand for images to illustrate the encyclopaedia entries, but in many cases the photographic material is not available legally.

With regard to Wikipedia articles about Dutch politics, this situation will change on 13 September, when the Nationaal Archief will present more than 1,000 photographs from the ANEFO press-photo collection, which comprises photographic portraits of most Dutch politicians and photographs of historic and momentous events such as the ‘Night of Schmelzer’ (the 1966 cabinet crisis), the troubled government formation of 1977 and the first female minister, Marga Klompé. There will be a Wikipedia entry for many of the photographs, but others will require puzzling out, debating and ‘digging’.

In a forum at the event, a number of prominent Dutch politicians and former politicians will share their personal memories relating to the photographs. An interesting mix of young politicians, more experienced politicians and of stories and debate will provide a stimulating context for this.