Sound and Vision embraces 40 years of Pinkpop

Pinkpop is as alive as ever. Holland’s most famous pop festival is celebrating its 40th edition this year. Sound and Vision, 3FM and the television networks NPS/VARA/VPRO have chosen to tackle this 40th anniversary of Pinkpop in an integral manner. Central to their idea is the complete digital disclosure and documentation of Pinkpop concert registrations and visual material from the archives of Sound and Vision.
Radio, television and internet
Preceding the festival weekend itself, a variety of programs will be broadcast on radio and television that will walk through Pinkpop’s rich history using material from the archives of Sound and Vision. The Kick off will take place on 3FM on the 21st of May: listeners can tune in to Pinkpop concert registrations from the past 39 editions ‘on request’.  The NPS is next with a festive television program, in which the search for ‘the Pinkpop moment’ plays an important role.

Parallel to TV and radio, will activate a voice module with the Top 100 Pinkpop image fragments as of the 12th of May. During Pinkpop, on June 1st, the Top 10 most legendary fragments will be broadcast on Nederland 2 (Dutch Television, network 2), 3FM and large screens on the Pinkpop festival grounds.
Sound and Vision widget
As of Monday, the 25th of May, the Sound and Vision widget will be filled with unique images of Pinkpop joys and sorrows from the past 39 years. Every day an approximately one-minute long Pinkpop fragment with a description can be seen on the widget.
40 years of Pinkpop on CD
The double CD ‘40 years Pinkop LIVE NL’ also stems from the crossmedial collaboration on 40 years of Pinkpop between Sound and Vision, 3FM and the Dutch television networks NPS/VARA/VPRO. It is a compilation of live Pinkpop registrations from Dutch artists throughout the years. ‘Old names’ such as Alquin and Massada from the seventies up until recent recordings of Krezip, Racoon and Within Temptation will pass in review in chronological order.

What is so exceptional about this album is the important and audible role of the Pinkpop audience that always treats its Dutch bands to a warm applause thus giving them a token of appreciation. The CD booklet is filled with comments, marginal notes and memories of Jan Smeets, the festival director, turning the album into a historic document.

Simultaneously to this release, Universal Music is launching the double CD ‘40 years of Pinkpop’, a compilation by ‘Mr. Pinkpop’ Jan Smeets himself. It’s an impressive collection from the overwhelming amount of great international bands that have played at the festival throughout the years, such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, The Prodigy, Snowpatrol, Simple Minds, Nickelback, Fun Lovin’ Criminals and many others.
Release date of both CDs is May 15th.
The digitization of the Pinkpop material has been made possible by Images for the Future.