Video labelling game Waisda? wins prize at EurolTV conference

On 10 June 2010 the video labelling game Waisda? (a Dutch word-play on ‘what is that’) won the Competition Grand Challenge at EurolTV, the number one conference for interactive TV and web video. Waisda? is the world’s first operational video labelling game for audiovisual archives. The game was developed in May 2009 by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision together with Dutch public broadcasting organisation KRO.

Players of Waisda? add key words (tags) to video material describing what they see and hear. The aim is to increase the searchability of material in audiovisual archives. When several people independently of each other add the same tag to a video moment, this is clearly a meaningful key word. The game can be played with such television programmes as Boer zoekt Vrouw, Barend & Van Dorp, Memories and Westerman’s Nieuwe Wereld.

During the HartmanEVENT in October 2009, Waisda? received a TIMAF Best Practices Award. The game, which was also nominated for an Accenture Innovation Award in 2009, is a project of Images of the Future, which makes the large-scale digitalisation and opening up of audiovisual heritage possible.

Messages are regularly placed on the Waisda? blog with the latest news and information on research, such as quantitative and qualitative analysis of the tags, a usability study of the current interface and a user survey on the motivation of the players.

The development of the game is in the hands of Q42. VU University Amsterdam is carrying out research within the framework of the European research programme PrestoPRIME, as well as giving additional advice on the processing of descriptions submitted by members of the public, and improvements to the game.