VOB and CDR pull out of Images for the Future

In consultation with the other partners, the Association of Public Libraries (Vereniging Openbare Bibliotheken – VOB) and the Central Discotheque of Rotterdam (Centrale Discotheek Rotterdam – CDR) have withdrawn from the Images for the Future consortium. The Association of Public Libraries participated in the project with the objective of making materials accessible to users of public libraries. The Central Discotheque of Rotterdam was participating in order to make its collection accessible and place it in a wider context. Other partners in the consortium are the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid), the EYE Film Institute Netherlands, the Nationaal Archief (Dutch National Archives) and Knowledgeland (Stichting Nederland Kennisland).

The Association of Public Libraries and the Central Discotheque of Rotterdam have withdrawn from the consortium because of the difficulty of developing a business model due to the fact that neither organisation is the owner of its collections. Both organisations intend to enter into new cooperative agreements with the consortium partners in the future to develop specific functions and activities and to provide access to (part of) the audiovisual material.

A number of libraries have previously participated in pilot projects within the scope of Images for the Future. They will continue their activities under the umbrella of Expertisecentrum Crossmediaal (cross-media expertise centre), an initiative which aims to facilitate the sharing of the experiences of libraries with cross-media collections, resources and products. To this end, Expertise Crossmediaal is organising workshops for library professionals this autumn.

The four remaining partners in the Images for the Future consortium will continue with the project and have reached understanding on the revised consortium agreements. In accordance with subsidy provisions, these agreements have been submitted for approval to the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.