Website for Dutch films and TV series online

Ximon = live!

Ximon = live!

Images for the Future

Filmotech now called Ximon

Today is the launch day of a website for viewing Dutch films, documentaries and television dramas. The new online video service offers a huge catalogue of film and TV in high quality via the Internet.

At its launching, already offers more than 500 hours of video. The collection contains historic films dating back to early last century, such as Majoor Frans (1916) and Dorp aan de Rivier (The Village on the River) (1958), up to modern blockbusters such as Zwartboek (Black Book) (2006) and Kan Door Huid Heen (Can Go Through Skin) (2009). Documentary fans can enjoy titles like Alleman (Everyman) (1963) and Recycle (2007).

The entire catalogue is available 24 hours a day at Most titles at Ximon cost between €0.99 and €3.50. Only the most recent titles – straight from the cinema – cost €4.95. The films are available to you for a period of 48 hours after payment.

Alongside the familiar ‘pay-per-view’ model, Ximon is the first online film rental service with so-called ‘collection rental’. Collections are digital film boxes containing a collection of films or an entire TV series, which you can rent at discounted rates (as much as 50% off). Ximon’s more than 30 collections include the ‘70s Collection’ and the ‘Golden Film Collection’.

The Dutch film and television directors and actors play an important role in the platform. Ximon has exclusive pages for many of these people. On these personalised pages you can easily find all the productions with which the person has been involved. is an initiative of EYE Film Institute Netherlands, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the Netherlands Association of Feature Film Producers. The initiative is an offshoot of the national digitisation project entitled Beelden voor de Toekomst (Images for the Future). Ximon will strive to make the great majority of all Dutch film, television drama and documentary productions available in the coming five years. Today’s launching is the first step in this direction.

The first version of is a public beta version. Ximon expects to develop the platform further this year and hopes to add 1000 to 1500 hours of material to the catalogue. The service also aims to expand into mobile platforms and TV.

Simultaneously with the launching of the beta site, Filmotech Nederland announces its new name: Ximon.