Images for the Future in 90 seconds

01 November 2010  - Beelden voor de toekomst Creative production studio +1 has made a new promotional video for Images for the Future.

FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2010

15 October 2010 FIAT/IFTA has chosen “Making it Real – Keeping it Real” as the theme of the 2010 World Conference. Keeping up with the rapid pace of change in Audiovisual media creation and dissemination has meant that audiovisual archives have had to re-invent the wheel many times. However the fundamental principles that underlined audiovisual archiving in the analogue world still hold true – but there are new ways, new opportunities and new avenues to pursue in the digital and internet era and new economic ch (...)

Open Images used as a case study in guideline for multimedia formats

18 June 2010 On 17 June the first copy of the Handreiking Multimediaformaten, a guideline for multimedia formats published by Nederland Open in Verbinding and Forum Standaardisatie, was presented during the AVA_Net meeting.

Pinkpop archives searchable

22 January 2010 In May 2009 the annual Pinkpop festival celebrated its 40th edition. This anniversary year dwelled elaborately on the history of Pinkpop on location, on the web as well as on television. Images for the Future and the national research project MultimediaN have joined forces for the launch of an experimental video search engine on surrounding 40 years of Pinkpop.

Sound and Vision launches clipservice for professionals

01 October 2009 On September 15 2009 the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision launched the new paid-for online clipservice for professionals in the creative industry: Users can download preselected clips from the archives of Sound and Vision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for reuse and incorporation in their own productions.

T-Visionarium Open City: panoramic experience

01 October 2009 The largest painting of The Netherlands is the Mesdag’s Panorama: 120 meters long and 14 meters high. Not its size has been so impressive for over a century, but its shape: a cylinder. The spectator stands right in the middle of it! At the opening of the Panorama Vincent van Gogh stated: “Never in my life have I seen something so beautiful. The only flaw the Panorama Mesdag has is its lack of flaws”. Viewing art turned into experiencing art.