German Federal Archive publishes photos on Wikipedia under Creative Commons license

On December 6th, the German Federal Archive and the online encyclopedia Wikipedia announced their cooperation in making publicly available 100,000 digitized images under Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-SA) in exchange for linking the photos to Wikipedia’s Persondata. A big step for opening up public content and data.

Library of Congress releases report on Flickr pilot

After 9 months The Library of Congress (LoC) released a detailed report on their Flickr pilot. In January 2008 the LoC and Flickr launched Flickr Commons. They uploaded a few thousand historical photos which have drawn more than 10 million views, 7,166 comments and more than 67,000 tags, according to the new report from the project team.

The socio-economic impact of file sharing [popular science edition]

I just finished reading ‘Ups and Downs – the economic and cultural impact of file sharing for music, film and games’ (see my earlier post for context). All in all the full version does not contain a lot of surprises when compared to the executive summary (which my first post was based on): It is a well written report that, although it makes a lot of sense to someone familiar with the subject, does not really come up with much new insights either. The strength of the report is that it places fil (...)

Celluloid Remix – Lessons learned

In this document Annelies Termeer of EYE Film Institute Netherlands describes step by step the development and the approach of the online video remix competition Celluloid Remix, organized in 2009 by EYE (then Filmmuseum), Knowledgeland and Images for the Future. This document aims to inform archives or museums wishing to plan a similar project about the dos and don’ts.

Report of the EuroITV 2010 Conference in Tampere, Finland

This year’s theme “” created a space for a very broad range of topics, not only focussing on the television itself, but also on television content on the Internet, the mobile phone and crossovers between television and various other (social) media.

Open Beelden (Open Images)

Attribution - Open Beelden (Open Images) is an open media platform offering access to a selection of archive materials for creative use.