Video labeling game Waisda? wins ‘Best Archives on the Web Award’

02 September 2010 The video labeling game Waisda? has won the prestigious ‘Best Archives on the Web Award’ in the category ‘Best Use of Crowdsourcing for Description’. The awards have been awarded annually since 2008, and are organised by the popular archive blog ArchivesNext by archive specialist Kate Theimer. This is the third award for Waisda? after winning the Competition Grand Challenge at the EuroITV in Finland last June and the TIMAF European Best Practices Awards.

Open Images used as a case study in guideline for multimedia formats

18 June 2010 On 17 June the first copy of the Handreiking Multimediaformaten, a guideline for multimedia formats published by Nederland Open in Verbinding and Forum Standaardisatie, was presented during the AVA_Net meeting.

Video labelling game Waisda? wins prize at EurolTV conference

11 June 2010 On 10 June 2010 the video labelling game Waisda? (a Dutch word-play on ‘what is that’) won the Competition Grand Challenge at EurolTV, the number one conference for interactive TV and web video. Waisda? is the world’s first operational video labelling game for audiovisual archives. The game was developed in May 2009 by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision together with Dutch public broadcasting organisation KRO.

Verkiezingstijden shows 27 post-war governments

25 May 2010 On 25 May the website was launched, containing audiovisual materials relating to the 27 governments the Netherlands has known since the end of the war. is the result of cooperation between Kennisland, Beeld en Geluid and Nationaal Archief/Spaarnestad Photo. The website allows visitors to place recent political events in a historical context by accessing items of audiovisual heritage.

Sound and Vision makes Thesaurus available to the Nationaal Archief

14 May 2010 The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the Nationaal Archief (National Archive) have entered into a unique five-year cooperative alliance concerning the use of the Joint Thesaurus Audiovisual Archives (Gemeenschappelijke Thesaurus Audiovisuele Archieven), GTAA. Both institutes are already working together in the framework of Images for the Future.

Tender Sound and Vision: digitizing 10,000 hours of HD film

25 February 2010 Within the Images for the Future project, the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision recently published its sixth invitation to tender. The contract comprises a total of 10,000 hours of television shows. 

 This collection consists of the public broadcasters’ A-status material from the Sound and Vision archives, dating from 1951 until 1989. The shows were shot on 16mm acetate film. Both images and sound need to be digitized. The duration of the contract will be four years, comprising the prepar (...)