eCommons3: first impressions

01 November 2012 On 11 and 12 October, the third edition of Economies of the Commons themed Sustainable Futures for Digital Archives took place, exceeding the previous editions in scope and numbers. The large-scale digitization project Images for the Future had a central place in eCommons3, with a full track about “the challenge of large numbers” and several reflections on the achievements and (un)met challenges throughout the conference.

Economies of the Commons 3 – Sustainable Futures for Digital Archives

11 October 2012 Economies of the Commons 3: Sustainable Futures for Digital Archives will be the biggest ‘eCommons’ yet with two streams of extraordinary keynotes, presentations, hands-on workshops and plenty of networking. The conference will look at two themes: The challenge of large numbers: Digitization and restoration of film, A/V and photography and The future of archives: The Economies of Sharing & Re-Imagining the Archive.

Dániel Szöllösi wins film remix competition Celluloid Remix

25 May 2012 Dániel Szöllösi has won first prize in the competition Celluloid Remix 2: Found Footage. The results were announced at EYE Film Institute Netherlands in Amsterdam on 24 May 2012. Szöllösi’s winning remix, Untitled, features clips from the EYE collection reworked into a composition for multiple smartphones.

Launch Celluloid Remix 2: 'Found Footage'

26 January 2012 Second edition of the successful video-remix competition containing historical fragments from EYE's film collection. Professionals and amateurs remix special film material from the Bits & Pieces collection into new short films. The deadline for submissions of new remixes is 25 April 2012.

Use Survey: photos viewed much more often if context provided

03 November 2011 By including relevant information with the photos you increase the chance of people coming face to face with cultural heritage.

Launch of ‘60 Years of TV in the Netherlands’ Timeline

23 September 2011 Online timeline provides a clear overview of 60 years of TV in the Netherlands. For this 60th anniversary, the project Images for the Future has collected highlights from the collections of the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision, the Dutch National Archives and the EYE Film Institute Netherlands on