New education platform from the makers of Teleblik

15 January 2009 During the NOT 2009 the new online education platform ED*IT was launched by the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision, one of the makers of Teleblik. ED*IT is part of the project Images for the Future for which education is one of the most important target groups.

Making available and target groups

The archives of Sound and Vision, EYE, and the National Archive store an enormous amount of interesting, moving, historical, important, rare, and unknown material. Our national audiovisual heritage is contained by kilometers of storing shelves, bunkers, cellars, and safes. When a large part of these archives is digitized, these visual historical gems will be released. They will be given a new life, as educational material, as input for television programs, as web applications, as games, or as en (...)

Education in bits and pieces

 - ODE stands for Online Distribution Engine. It aims to be a store where educators can buy little bits of digital content and put them back together any way they like, a proces dubbed ‘Mash up teac (...)

Games motivate students with a concentration problem

Small scale research conducted by Cherifa Hendriks (Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen) shows that the effects of games are positive on students with concentration problems. Should education follow the rules of game?

Offering online access to audiovisual heritage for education

 - For the last 4 months we have been busy working with Dutch secondary schools in a pilot which experiments with giving online access todiverse 2008 audiovisual heritage. Recently we (...)

Knowledgeland evaluates pilot Media Education Platform

In June 2007, the Images for the Future Consortium kicked off a pilot project for secondary education – pilot Media Education Platform as its working title. From March to June 2008, two pilot groups (teachers and pupils) worked with a digital educational resources platform that offered the consortium’s content, supplemented with external content, with several processing tools.