Sound and Vision makes Thesaurus available to the Nationaal Archief

14 May 2010 The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the Nationaal Archief (National Archive) have entered into a unique five-year cooperative alliance concerning the use of the Joint Thesaurus Audiovisual Archives (Gemeenschappelijke Thesaurus Audiovisuele Archieven), GTAA. Both institutes are already working together in the framework of Images for the Future.

Tender Sound and Vision: digitizing 10,000 hours of HD film

25 February 2010 Within the Images for the Future project, the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision recently published its sixth invitation to tender. The contract comprises a total of 10,000 hours of television shows. 

 This collection consists of the public broadcasters’ A-status material from the Sound and Vision archives, dating from 1951 until 1989. The shows were shot on 16mm acetate film. Both images and sound need to be digitized. The duration of the contract will be four years, comprising the prepar (...)

Pinkpop archives searchable

22 January 2010 In May 2009 the annual Pinkpop festival celebrated its 40th edition. This anniversary year dwelled elaborately on the history of Pinkpop on location, on the web as well as on television. Images for the Future and the national research project MultimediaN have joined forces for the launch of an experimental video search engine on surrounding 40 years of Pinkpop.

Evaluation of video labeling game ‘Waisda?’

19 January 2010 On the 19th of May 2009 the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision launched ‘Waisda?’ in collaboration with KRO, an innovative annotation game for video. In the form of a challenging game Waisda? asks the player to add keywords (tags) to video material. Its goal is to enhance the searchability of audiovisual archives. Waisda? is based upon the principle that one can speak of a meaningful description when several people individually give the same tag to a video. Waisda? is the world’s first operat (...)

Digitization of photographic material has commenced

10 December 2009 The content supplying parties, Sound and Vision, Filmmuseum and National Archive have collaborated intensively over a one year period to draw up the estimate and the European tender for the digitization of photographs and negatives. The National Archive facilitated this process due to its know-how in the field of photo digitization and conservation.

First selection Open Images available

19 November 2009 The entire first selection of material for Open Images has been placed online. The 469 items that can now be found on Open Images mainly stem from the Polygon Dutch News collection and a few from the Netherlands Government Information Service collection.