Activity (Dutch elections retrospective)

Attribution - is a website with an interactive timeline featuring 27 post-war Dutch cabinets.

Attribution - gathered the right locations from photos from the First World War by crowdsourcing.

ED*IT Education platform

Attribution - Interactive education platform which enables access to a wealth of reliable sources from Dutch museums and archives.

Pictura Imaginis, images of images

 - As part of the Images for the Future project, the Pictura company in the North Holland town of Heiloo is digitising a total of 1.4 million negatives from the archives of the Nationaal Archief, So (...)

Nationaal Archief Joins Flickr The Commons

Attribution Share Alike - Nationaal Archief On 21 October 2008, the Nationaal Archief launched a pilot programme by being the very first Dutch heritage institution to join Flickr The Commons, an initiative instigated by the Library of Cong (...)

Photographic volunteers at the Nationaal Archief

Attribution Share Alike - Searching the past - a look behind the scenes at the Nationaal Archief’s photographic volunteers. A year ago, the Nationaal Archief began working with a group of volunteers who assign labels and (...)