Workshop 'Towards Open and Dynamic Archives'

10 June 2008 This workshop is organised in the context of the BOM-Vl project, a large scale digitization project in Belgium.

Economies of the Commons

11 April 2008 A two day international working conference to explore the new forms of digital knowledge and cultural commons created around the internet.

Making old films accessible calls for passion and patience

Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike - Images for the Future In the restoration lab at the EYE Film Institute Netherlands old films are restored and digitised. They also recently started work on the processing and storage of digital films.


Attribution - During a period of seven years, 137.200 hours of video, 22.510 hours of film, 123.900 hours of audio, and 2.9 million photos from the archives involved will be restored, preserved, and digitized.

Economies of the Commons Panel 3: European Digital Library

The third session of the second day was held under the heading European Digital Library. The four speakers presented the initiatives that they work on, the gaps that are called to fill, what has been succeeded by now and what are their future plans.

Economies of the Commons Panel 1: Audiovisual Archives

 - The first panel Audiovisual Archives of the ‘Economies of Commons’ conference concentrates on the accessibility by digital technology for the wide public and education purposes. The new online ac (...)