Pictura Imaginis, images of images

 - As part of the Images for the Future project, the Pictura company in the North Holland town of Heiloo is digitising a total of 1.4 million negatives from the archives of the Nationaal Archief, So (...)

A passion for film

Attribution Share Alike - Tom De Smet has been the manager of the Film Department at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum since 1 January 2010. Prior to that, he was the project manager for film con (...)

National Archive backstage

 - The National Archive is standing in line for a huge opportunity of conservation and digitization. At the beginning of June, the National Archive – in collaboration with Sound and Vision and Filmm (...)

Innovation manager Sound and Vision on European projects

 - At the moment Sound and Vision participates in a variety of national and European research projects, of which Johan Oomen is the project manager. Seems like a good time for an interview.

Sound and Vision in top gear

At the beginning of Images for the Future, in 2007, Sound and Vision mainly focused on achieving the targets for digitization of audio and video material. In October 2008 the audio material counted over 20,000 hours on quarter-inch tapes and DAT tapes, of which the largest part belongs to the Images for the Future project. In collaboration with Technicolor over 11,000 hours of video material has now been digitized as well.

Release Twee Vrouwen (Twice a Woman)

 - Beelden voor de toekomst The first movie EYE has restored, digitised and made available is Twice a Woman of director George Sluizer (The Vanishing). After consulting the director, a definitive version was determined.