Economies of the Commons 3 – Sustainable Futures for Digital Archives

11 October 2012 Economies of the Commons 3: Sustainable Futures for Digital Archives will be the biggest ‘eCommons’ yet with two streams of extraordinary keynotes, presentations, hands-on workshops and plenty of networking. The conference will look at two themes: The challenge of large numbers: Digitization and restoration of film, A/V and photography and The future of archives: The Economies of Sharing & Re-Imagining the Archive.

Dániel Szöllösi wins film remix competition Celluloid Remix

25 May 2012 Dániel Szöllösi has won first prize in the competition Celluloid Remix 2: Found Footage. The results were announced at EYE Film Institute Netherlands in Amsterdam on 24 May 2012. Szöllösi’s winning remix, Untitled, features clips from the EYE collection reworked into a composition for multiple smartphones.

How much has been digitised up to now?

13 July 2011 At the moment, 60% of the planned amount of film material has been digitised, 86% of the planned amount of video, 57% of the planned amount of audio and 88% of the planned amount of photographs.

The city that never sleeps

04 January 2011  - EYE Film Institute Netherlands ‘The city that never sleeps’, a dynamic, modernist portrayal of life in the seaport city Rotterdam.

Copyright agreement photo collections

11 December 2010  - Images for the Future For a mass digitisation project like Images for the Future, it proved impossible to trace all the owners individually. Therefore the Nationaal Archief signed an agreement with Pictoright on Decem (...)

Images for the Future interim evaluation

09 December 2010 The implementation of the Images for the Future project is progressing according to schedule: this is the conclusion reached by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in its interim evaluation of the project.