Sound and Vision is looking for a million experts

23 January 2009 The Netherlands has millions of media experts and Sound and Vision would like them to start sharing their knowledge with each other on the Sound and Vision-wiki (Beeld en Geluid-wiki). Program makers, media scientists and viewers and listeners either know a lot about radio and television programs and about the people who pull the ropes or they have very specific knowledge about subjects such as radio technique or television design. A wealth of information that can be made accessible by and for a (...)

Dutch Early Cinema

15 January 2009 The Filmmuseum is currently working on the disclosure and contextualization of its collection of early Dutch films (Dutch Early Cinema). These are films from the first decennia of film history, roughly from the period 1896 – 1933.

Seminar Nationaal Archief joins Flickr The Commons

04 November 2008 The first Dutch heritage institution to join Flickr The Commons

Open Culture Data

Attribution Share Alike - Beelden voor de toekomst It is a network of cultural professionals, developers, designers, copyright specialists and open data experts, which makes cultural data open and encourages the development of valuable cultural a (...)

TV programme bridges the semantic gap

Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike - Beelden voor de toekomst The tagging game Waisda? is one of a series of pilots in the Images for the Future project designed to explore the potential for public participation. The game, which invites players to provide t (...)

Tagging as research tool

Research shows that people are getting more active on the internet as ‘prosumers’. This challenges traditional market research in a profound way. How to get rich data from your consumers in a digital world? New methods are developed to do user research. Ruigrok Netpanel runs an interesting pilot where participants can tag products.