Knowledgeland evaluates pilot Media Education Platform

In June 2007, the Images for the Future Consortium kicked off a pilot project for secondary education – pilot Media Education Platform as its working title. From March to June 2008, two pilot groups (teachers and pupils) worked with a digital educational resources platform that offered the consortium’s content, supplemented with external content, with several processing tools.

Open Source Video Software: An Inventory

This is a post to circulate our current research on the availability of open source software for video. This inventory is the result of an ongoing effort at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision R&D Department at creating an insight in the current availability of open source software for video. The main reason for this research is the current development of Open Images, but it is also aimed at expanding our institutional knowledge and expertise, and to share this within research pro (...)

Scientific Publications (May 2010)

Researchers from the R&D department of Sound and Vision have recently contributed to the following papers: Oomen, Johan and Belice Baltussen, Lotte and Limonard, Sander and van Ees, Annelies (2010) Emerging Practices in the Cultural Heritage Domain – Engaging Users in a Shared Information Space. In: Proceedings of the WebSci10: Extending the Frontiers of Society On-Line, April 26-27th, 2010, Raleigh, NC: US.

CATCH Symposium: Digital Cultural Heritage Goes Social

On June 11 2010, the Agora research project hosted a symposium entitled “Digital Cultural Heritage Goes Social”. During this afternoon, there were talks and discussions with internationally renowned researchers and cultural heritage professionals about the possible interaction between the social web and cultural heritage.

Report of the EuroITV 2010 Conference in Tampere, Finland

This year’s theme “” created a space for a very broad range of topics, not only focussing on the television itself, but also on television content on the Internet, the mobile phone and crossovers between television and various other (social) media.

Attribution - gathered the right locations from photos from the First World War by crowdsourcing.