Stories of Slochteren

03 June 2009 Stories of Slochteren brings the past to life by combining personal memories of 50 years of gas extraction with historical image material. Stories of Slochteren gives the people of Groningen a unique chance to tell their stories about 50 years of gas extraction and to record these stories for the future.

Sound and Vision embraces 40 years of Pinkpop

14 May 2009 Pinkpop is as alive as ever. Holland’s most famous pop festival is celebrating its 40th edition this year. Sound and Vision, 3FM and the television networks NPS/VARA/VPRO have chosen to tackle this 40th anniversary of Pinkpop in an integral manner. Central to their idea is the complete digital disclosure and documentation of Pinkpop concert registrations and visual material from the archives of Sound and Vision.

Launch of Celluloid Remix on BeamLab

16 April 2009 Filmmuseum and Images for the Future launched Celluloid Remix, an online remix competition with films from the beginning of Dutch film history. Professionals and amateurs will remix special Dutch cinematographic material, dating from the period 1917-1932, into new, short films with their own soundtrack. Yesterday, the competition kicked off with a thrilling live performance by Eboman at a packed BeamLab.

Launch Celluloid Remix op Beamlab

15 April 2009 Within the framework of Images for the Future, the Filmmuseum and Knowledgeland will launch the online remix competition Celluloid Remix on Beamlab on the 15th of April. The Filmmuseum will place 21 unique silent film fragments stemming from the period 1917 – 1932 at the competitors disposal.

Sound and Vision is looking for a million experts

23 January 2009 The Netherlands has millions of media experts and Sound and Vision would like them to start sharing their knowledge with each other on the Sound and Vision-wiki (Beeld en Geluid-wiki). Program makers, media scientists and viewers and listeners either know a lot about radio and television programs and about the people who pull the ropes or they have very specific knowledge about subjects such as radio technique or television design. A wealth of information that can be made accessible by and for a (...)

New education platform from the makers of Teleblik

15 January 2009 During the NOT 2009 the new online education platform ED*IT was launched by the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision, one of the makers of Teleblik. ED*IT is part of the project Images for the Future for which education is one of the most important target groups.