Film in the Netherlands

 - Beelden voor de toekomst With its new website Film in Nederland, EYE Film Institute Netherland brings early Dutch film to life. This site contains the remarkable stories of around 2300 old films.

TV programme bridges the semantic gap

Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike - Beelden voor de toekomst The tagging game Waisda? is one of a series of pilots in the Images for the Future project designed to explore the potential for public participation. The game, which invites players to provide t (...)

The Scene Machine Live

Attribution Share Alike - Images for the Future The Scene Machine Live (TSML) is an interactive installation that presents the public with an accessible way into the EYE film collection.

Freebase: the semantic web application

Another Wikidia-style online encyclopedia has seen the light. But Freebase is something new. Its creator, the company Metaweb is setting out to create a vast public database intended to read by computers rather than people. Users still play an important rule in Freebase. They set the types of relations between pieces of information. People add metadata instead of data. In this way, information will be structured to make it possible for software to define relationships and even meaning. In the w (...)

Economies of the Commons Panel 1: Audiovisual Archives

 - The first panel Audiovisual Archives of the ‘Economies of Commons’ conference concentrates on the accessibility by digital technology for the wide public and education purposes. The new online ac (...)

German Federal Archive publishes photos on Wikipedia under Creative Commons license

On December 6th, the German Federal Archive and the online encyclopedia Wikipedia announced their cooperation in making publicly available 100,000 digitized images under Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-SA) in exchange for linking the photos to Wikipedia’s Persondata. A big step for opening up public content and data.