Economies of the Commons Panel 4: Uncommon Business Models

Panel 4 takes the discussion from yesterday a step further. Harry Verwayen (Kennisland) recaps yesterday’s discussion. We have learned from yesterday about the commons, the social contract that we have. A place where archival materials should be available and where the market has to join in. It is an investment worthwile like INA did in France and Images for the Future in the Netherlands. But, there is a cost aspect. So there should be a sustainable business model. How are we going to do that?

Economies of the Commons Panel 2: Commons-based Peer Production

 - The second panel of the day was opened by two presentations. The first presentation was by Ton Roosendaal from Blender and the second by Jamie king from Steal This Film.

Live stream and blogs Economies of the Commons

And so it almost begins .. we await three intensive days in which we will discuss the future of archives, legal issues concerning orphan works and so much more. Thanks to The Balie the main conference can be followed real-time at The Balie live stream. Our bloggers will cover the conference almost in realtime on this blog. What can we expect from the conference?

Uncommon Businessmodels

 - With the introduction of internet the traditional business model for spreading information has been challenged. Whereas before the largest part of the efforts and the investments where spent on t (...)

Open Content Business models

Last week we were asked to give a presentation at the ‘Ilovebusinessmodels‘ conference on the subject of Open Content in Utrecht- The Netherlands. A good overview of the day, including the presentation of Alex ‘Dr Businessmodel’ Osterwalder can be found at Frankwatching (in Dutch). The audience consisted of specialists covering the complete spectrum of the media industry, varying from music publishers, magazine editors, filmproducers, even a good representation from the archive community. A dec (...)

New future for Dutch TV talkshow Barend & Van Dorp

Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives - Barend en Van Dorp online More than 1000 hours of material from this controversial TV talk show now available online