Economies of the Commons 3 – Sustainable Futures for Digital Archives

11 October 2012 Economies of the Commons 3: Sustainable Futures for Digital Archives will be the biggest ‘eCommons’ yet with two streams of extraordinary keynotes, presentations, hands-on workshops and plenty of networking. The conference will look at two themes: The challenge of large numbers: Digitization and restoration of film, A/V and photography and The future of archives: The Economies of Sharing & Re-Imagining the Archive.

Sound and Vision launches clipservice for professionals

01 October 2009 On September 15 2009 the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision launched the new paid-for online clipservice for professionals in the creative industry: Users can download preselected clips from the archives of Sound and Vision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for reuse and incorporation in their own productions.

New future for ‘Barend & Van Dorp’

17 September 2009 A special day: on 17 September 2009, the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision makes over 8 years of Barend & Van Dorp (a famous Dutch talk show) online available at And this is only the beginning; during the coming months even more material will be provided. Frits Barend and Henk van Dorp, the two talk show hosts, expressed the wish that the material should not only be conserved properly, but should also be disclosed.


1000 hours of Barend & Van Dorp online

02 July 2009 In 2008 Holland’s most renowned talkshow hosts Frits Barend and Henk van Dorp drove a trolley filled with all the episodes of their famous talkshow into the Sound and Vision building. As of September 17 Sound and Vision will put over 1000 hours of this unique material on display in their virtual showroom. Not only to let everyone in Holland enjoy it again, but also to be able to sell it.

Sound and Vision embraces 40 years of Pinkpop

14 May 2009 Pinkpop is as alive as ever. Holland’s most famous pop festival is celebrating its 40th edition this year. Sound and Vision, 3FM and the television networks NPS/VARA/VPRO have chosen to tackle this 40th anniversary of Pinkpop in an integral manner. Central to their idea is the complete digital disclosure and documentation of Pinkpop concert registrations and visual material from the archives of Sound and Vision.

Images for the Future on Museum on the Web

07 April 2009 Images for the Future has been invited to organize a workshop for Museums on the Web. An annual conference about online developments in the cultural, scientific and heritage sector (15th-18th of April 2009).